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Studio Spec Sheet

Sennheiser MKH 416
Neumann TLM-103

Pro Tools Artist

Other Equipment
Universal Audio Interface
Vintage Yamaha NS10 Studio Pair

About me

I was raised on a farm with 18 horse, 12 head of cattle, chickens, two textile manufacturing plants totaling about 40,000 square feet and more.

It’s where I learned about providing quality service and where I began nurturing a healthy imagination. 

Acting wasn’t necessarily my first choice. Though you’d think it would’ve been high on the list, considering most gay men are involved in the arts in one way or another.

After a nasty family split in 2014, I began searching for my purpose in life. All I had known up until that point, was doing whatever the family unit did. It became my task to learn who I was and what lit me up in life. I knew I needed experience in other industries, so I started with Uber and Lyft, moved to Domino’s Pizza, started my first voice acting company, worked as an insurance agent at United Insurance Company of America and later an account representative at State Farm, became a notary public, and returned to acting. Try as I might, I just couldn’t escape the urge to explore more in this creative field.

There’s something that goes off in me when I finish a project. I think, “I just created that!” 

No project is the same and every time the challenge is a little different, but I enjoy exploring the nuances that come with voicing the local ad to national and beyond – and bringing home a healthy paycheck.

It’s important to note that I act, first as a business, second because I love acting and third because I love helping others.

Let me know how I can help you!

-Robert Fleming, Voice Actor


Most frequent questions and answers

Audio is always rough edited (no out-takes), but breath and fine-tuned editing is available upon request.

While I am not a professional mastering engineer, I do offer mastering on most of the audio I record. If you’d rather master it yourself, just let me know.

Typically wav or mp3, but I can export to most audio file formats.

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