Commercial Voice Talent in Chattanooga, TN

I know, right! Chattanooga, of all places??? Well, for most of my life, it’s been home. It’s a cool city and while I constantly entertain thoughts of beach living, it will always hold a dear place in my heart.

When I began voicing projects, I was actually in a suburb of Chatt named Dunlap. A lot has happened over the past 15 years. Chattanooga went from being a manufacturing ghost town slum to a bustling cute city. The big changes happened when Volkswagen and Amazon entered the picture. I remember when the outdoor scene started to develop and how much cleaner the air became when the widely unpopular emissions testing became a thing. They’ve since disappeared, but the city that beats you up and gives you character continues to grow, with expansion on the Southside…a hip, happening place where just about anything is down the street…and Hixson, the up and coming urban hub.

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I was raised on a farm with 18 horse, 12 head of cattle, chickens, two textile manufacturing plants totaling about 40,000 square feet and more.

It’s where I learned about providing quality service and where I began nurturing a healthy imagination.

There’s something that goes off in me when I finish a project. I think, “I just created that!”

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-Robert Fleming, Voice Actor